Segundo Congreso Internacional Sobre Masculinidades e Igualdad Educación para la igualdad y Co(Educación)


With the “II INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON MASCULINITIES AND EQUALITY: EDUCATION FOR EQUALITY AND CO(EDUCATION) (CIMASCIGUAL II), we would like to introduce and consolidate training and research on education, masculinities and gender equality in university degree programs on both undergraduate and graduate levels.

In turn, and by extension, we encourage every educational center and institution that deems the audiovisual material from the congress to be of value to hereby use it and make it available to the authorities with power over education and gender equality, to teachers in coeducation, to educational centers, to university students and to the general public as well.

Among others, our purposes include:

  • To shed light on the importance of coeducation and of comprehending and understanding the logic of masculine identity (traditional hegemonic) and its processes of resistance and/or change; in order to, with scientific and social knowledge, evolve towards other possible forms of masculinity more in line with gender equality for women and men, and healthier and more just for everybody.
  • To stimulate a rethinking of masculinities among teachers and students in two senses: from their experiences and personal relations and from their educational spaces.
  • To facilitate the incorporation of researchers into this young field of interdisciplinary study of masculinities based on the knowledge shared in the congress on the realities of this subdiscipline of gender studies.
  • To involve universities in this line of research-action.
  • To disseminate in the media (radio, written press, social media, television) the complete work to make it public and to enhance the social impact of the action.
  • To cooperate with NGOs, associations, social movements and other non-university networks interested in the socialization processes of men in favor of gender equality.
  • To increase international participation in the congress.

Furthermore, this congress aims to delve into the role of universities in this very specific and simultaneously urgent issue. A better understanding of the logic of traditional hegemonic masculinity is required to appeal to its deconstruction and for collectively proposing knowledge-based options that are valid, diverse, and egalitarian for men and masculinities in the twenty-first century. Academia must have a leading role in this coeducational process focused on men with a feminine perspective.

Dr. Anastasia Téllez Infantes, PhD

Organizing Committee President